Taylor and Bo

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Our Story

The timeline of when we met and when we started dating differs slightly depending on the storyteller. If Bo were to tell you the story he would say "it's been over three years - our first date wasn't a work dinner because I did not turn in the receipt!" If Taylor were to tell you the story she would tell you "it has been about two and a half years, we started dating in November, about five months after I moved to Johnson City."

Bo's Version...

It was 2014 and I was working at Indian Path Medical Center in Kingsport, Tenn...about 20 minutes away from Johnson City. I was involved with a few projects at Corporate, so it was fairly routine to receive word that I was needed 1-2 days from week-to-week. In late June, I received word from Tom Tull that I needed to be available July 11th and 12th. I thought nothing of it and went on with my day-to-day routine. A week later I bumped into Tom and inquired about the dates and the purpose. Tom, with a large grin stretched across his face, told me Alan Levine had invited a marketing executive up from Florida to interview and he wanted me to entertain her for dinner on the 11th. Caught somewhat by surprise, I made a mental note to speak with Alan next time I saw him. A few days later, I saw Alan and asked for specifics about why I was needed. He was VERY excited about the forthcoming interaction and noted Taylor was special - smart, funny, and beautiful. He jokingly stated, "you'll marry her."

So, the day arrived and I was to take this young lady to dinner and follow-up the next morning with coffee (to ensure her questions had been answered). By this time, I had talked myself out of ever liking this woman from Florida. After all, I would potentially be working in the same building...and there are unspoken rules about that. I arrived at corporate early in the afternoon for a meeting and the halls were a buzz with the arrival of this young executive. I was sitting in Marvin Eichorn's office when, for a brief moment, I saw the young lady walk down the hallway into Alan's office. This was it. This was her. I began to give myself a pep talk - stay strong, Bo - and quickly realized more and more senior leadership had gathered in the hallway. It became clear that I was here for a blind date...that she thought was part of the interview. Alan called me into his office and I met Taylor Hamilton for the first time. We had casual conversation with introductions provided by Alan and departed for dinner. It was early in the afternoon, a little too early for dinner, so I asked if she would like a tour of the city. She agreed and we began to discuss Mountain States and other various projects (again, she was deciding whether or not she wanted to uproot her life at the beach for a life in the mountains). At the time of her interview, we were working on a confidential proposal to Wellmont Health System. She asked vague questions alluding to the merger, so I was coy in my responses.
Eventually, she told me to "cut the crap" and at that point I knew my rule of not liking a fellow co-worker was backpedaling at world record speed. As the evening progressed, I began to like Ms. Hamilton more and more. We wrapped dinner and I dropped her off at her hotel for the evening. The next morning, unbeknownst to me, Taylor came down with a migraine and we were unable to meet for coffee (I was bummed). I wished her well on her travels and told her to text me if she had any questions. Now, this is where the timeline of our story diverges. I did not expense the dinner on the night of the 11th, so I like to consider this to be our first date. HA!

Over the next few months, Taylor and I exchanged a few text messages and I waited one full-painstaking day, once she arrived in September, before asking her to dinner. Later that month, we attended Laura Levine's surprise birthday celebration in Greeneville, TN. The very first person we saw was none other than Dr. Jim Gibson. Now, Dr. Gibson was a friend to all - especially the ladies - and quickly engaged Taylor in conversation. I've known Dr. Gibson my entire life and he asked if we were dating. Taylor was quick to respond we were not dating and made it very clear - maybe a little too clear - that we were just friends and I was showing her the ropes of NE TN. I was devastated. So, Taylor tells the story of how I ignored her the rest of the evening. I like to think I gave her space as I made rounds at the party (I'll let you decide).

Taylor and I got together off and on over the next couple of months, and I routinely waited 1-2 weeks in between encounters to avoid the 'friendzone'. In October, we began talking and texting frequently. It wasn't until late October when Taylor took a work trip with Allison Rogers (who may have been providing slight intel and support), that I felt a true date was inevitable. Taylor wanted to keep our budding relationship off the radar, but we were spotted by many of my friends each time we ventured out...and the rest is history.

In March 2017 I proposed and cannot wait until January 2018 to spend the rest of my life with my "Homie".

The 30 to 36 months (again, depending on who you are with) have been a whirlwind of adventures, laughter, and undeniable love. We are blessed to have each of you in our lives and would be honored to have you join us in January as we celebrate life, love and family.

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